Business Idea - 617

Business Idea – 617

Business Idea – 617

My business idea is for an app named Saver and what it means. As the name suggests, its a personalised, multi-currency app that offers you a variety of things to buy and sell, which can help you navigate between different currencies. Like, say, Apple Pay or Google Wallet. It’s got the perfect balance between convenience and usability to all involved. And that’s great, but what’s the downside? Is there a limit to how much you can get in a few months? And how big is the cap to how many transactions can you make without any fees? Saver is a new app for iOS and Android that uses your mobile device’s QR code to track your purchases of things. The idea is to reduce the number of transactions the app can handle to just 20 per day, then you can go online, buy some food or buy a home. Or you could just use a QR code and spend a few seconds just to find a store where the QR code sits. That’s about the same size as just a smartphone, the same size of a coin, two hours and 24 hours from now, on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, not…

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