Business Idea - 613

Business Idea – 613

Business Idea – 613

My business idea is “Risk, Reward.” We’re going to be collecting funds to cover the cost of running this research. That’s right we’re going to be collecting money from all of the top financial companies to find out how much they pay for each of their research projects how much they spend on each of their clinical trials and what kind of funding they receive and why. The goal is to be able to pay for both research and clinical trials, and our research will be funded by this funding and from the people involved in all of our research. And if our results improve, we’ll be able to pay for both research and clinical trials. So, on top of everything else that goes into this project, the funds raised will go to help pay for these important clinical trials. Why would you care about these big research programs that may not make a difference, but could be worth the investment? In fact, in theory, every penny we’re going to make will go right into developing medical devices. But some of the best things that could cost money at the moment are 1) It’s just an…

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