Business Idea - 612

Business Idea – 612

Business Idea – 612

My business idea is ‘Cookie-Cookie’, it’s gonna be your app for cookie-like things. A cookie is a small piece of information stored in a web page and you can use it to do whatever you want. You can have a cookie, say, to give a random person a random name or a random date, a cookie so they have to know when you’re going to come around, a cookie for shopping, like, for an entire day, a cookie for an entire week, or even a Cookie-like service or app for shopping, or just for stuff. My idea is like the way people use their phones. People need to be able to send or even send that text message back, something like an e-mail, an email to send to someone, and there’s a cookie and you can do any number of things. “So you have an app that sends a cookie on their phone for a short period, or you send a cookie for some specific service that they’re requesting. And that service will send a cookie back to you if there’s a problem. Your app is gonna work with a service,…

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