Business Idea - 595

Business Idea – 595

Business Idea – 595

My business idea is “The Kingkiller”, which has a little something that goes a long way to making people laugh. When I first joined the company, I thought the name “The Kingkiller” was a bit of a misnomer. In fact, I thought it was a pun on a term coined by a group of people back in the 19th century. When I saw that there was a company called The Kingkiller where they just launched a Kickstarter, I knew it was coming. I had a project going on and I started to build my own company. After I got all that into a few hands, it became a real concept. I started to do an online video interview about The Kingkiller which began with this quote from my friend Michael “Fitzy” Johnson from the New Yorker “The idea was for a little video that would show the story of the company from the perspective of its main character who goes to prison to try and save his family. I wanted to provide an interesting way to understand the people who are trying to save their families, and how they get there, especially in a world where many of them are…

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