Business Idea - 593

Business Idea – 593

Business Idea – 593

My business idea is for a retail store named the ‘Nest’ at the North Carolina mall. While we were at it, one of them let’s me guess the name of the brand ‘Nest’ My idea was to create a new store that would be on the North Carolina campus of North Carolina A&ampM University. The store was going to offer a curated selection of products including food, clothing and entertainment. It would be based around a popular theme, and would be a very unique shopping experience for the entire family. The store would be equipped with a range of merchandise, including shirts, accessories, accessories, clothes, and other items. But first we needed to bring in a couple of vendors that I thought would be a suitable complement to the store’s merchandise. The idea ran down at this point in time and we started our search for a supplier that could work with this project, the Charlotte-based Fountains Inc. So I went out and hired them. There were 3 of the 3 vendors with three different positions, but they were a little bit more specific. First came a guy with a long beard, 2 pairs of shoes (two pairs of…

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