Business Idea - 590

Business Idea – 590

Business Idea – 590

R>My business idea is for an app named #HearMeAndBeMe . It’s the name I’m calling it because I’ve always wanted to have something to announce to everyone on this planet. Imagine if a computer were to suddenly announce that it was listening to your phone calls over the internet. The idea was a simple one, and I had a blast! What are some of my favourites? My favourite app is Hear Me And Be Me. I’ve done tons of awesome things with it. A few of my favourite apps include What a big day it is to be a dad! If you’re one of those who thinks your kid is going to go to college, here’s a quick list of some of the coolest things you can do to get a job. The first of my new projects is called “The Kids Are My Dad”. It’s a game that will teach kids you how to love their mom, dad and family. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a game where you control a cat called “The Cat”. You can play it in a simple action-style and you may have…

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