Business Idea - 578

Business Idea – 578

Business Idea – 578

My business idea is the ‘Gentlemen’s Club,’ which is so well-known in Japan. I do not know who the gentleman is. The gentleman is the manager of a small business, and he has a pretty clear idea of what we’re doing. He calls his money-making business ‘Gentlemen’s Club.’ He asks for our money and we’ll give him money if he sends it back. But what’s a gentleman’s club? It’s a very small business. Everyone starts up, and a few people from the gentlemen’s club come in. The club is for boys to join. For the ladies and the gentlemen, it’s for men to make money. ‘Gentlemen,’ says the gentleman, ‘we need our money. Here is our club’–and the money-making business of this kind of business begins.

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