Business Idea - 577

Business Idea – 577

Business Idea – 577

My business idea is The Future Is Yours. I’ve been building a prototype of my idea for almost a year now and I feel like I have something cool to show to you. I started with a couple of hundred dollars (which I never put in for any other reason), then made my own prototypes using Kickstarter. The end result is a prototype that uses a little plastic wrap to make my prototype stand out. I’ll let you know how it goes! With every Kickstarter, we get more and more money for the product we want. I know some people will want to donate to the site because they are going to want to see the product. Why Kickstarter? Let me start with the main reason for being a Kickstarter backer. If we ever get a chance to build something that is going to benefit the world, that is a good reason to stay. This is where Kickstarter helps us. The money raised to build something really helps me make something better. Every day, I spend about $15 on this project, and I feel like it is on track to be that great. I’m not saying I never will -…

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