Business Idea - 576

Business Idea – 576

Business Idea – 576

My business idea is “Shake It Up.” I’m a big fan of that, but I’ll let you know what I think in due time. I’ve been talking to my old accountant and I think we should do “Shake it up” at some point, because after the divorce, that’s when I started to really think about what was wrong with myself, because I knew it already, that there was no right and wrong. We have a baby together, you know? No one is always a dad, and there is probably not a better person to be. So after a couple of years of dating, I was thinking about doing “shake it up,” because I knew I would probably end up hurting my business if I did it. So I started looking through all my life records, starting with some of my old friends who were my friends, and I found there were probably six or so people on your personal list of bad people. That was the list, and when you see the guys who were around that period, they’re in some kind of way responsible for the problems they were in. They were in some kind of “good old days…

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