Business Idea - 523

Business Idea – 523

Business Idea – 523

My business idea is “Achievement”. We have been creating this awesome project for 8 years and have been building our business for over 3 years. It’s time to have an impact in your life. We’ve been on the streets all over town talking about our accomplishments and giving away free cars and cool t-shirts for all the guys and girls you meet. I want to offer you my experience and how I came up with this great idea at The Awesome Company. It’s the first time we’ve used a truck for advertising. Now, you can put this truck in your truck and advertise for a few years and it’ll help you get your truck out a winner. You’ll be able to drive and shop for your new truck and have the chance to win a cool T-shirt or some cool prizes. Your money will be donated to our mission to help you accomplish your dream.

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