Business Idea - 522

Business Idea – 522

Business Idea – 522

My business idea is The Painted Lady. I want to create a mural at a major intersection in Manhattan to show people, like myself, how it works. What I started was just a really small, simple idea. I did a series of events, with about 20 people, with just my cat and myself. We were about to start the final project of the first project, so I thought it would be interesting to show people that there’s more than just a simple idea. This is not just a project. There are more complex projects, more complicated things that are being done, I think, that we’re going to be able to take and share and do. And this is a little bit of what inspired me to start it. I’m really passionate about painting so I’m not just going to be drawing to paint, but we’re going to be putting on a whole lot of work by our creative partners. It’s always gonna be a collaborative process. It’s going to be all about people helping each other out and giving our best. I am going to be really excited about the idea of having people around to bring people in and help…

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