Business Idea - 520

Business Idea – 520

Business Idea – 520

BR>My business idea is for an app named The Future is Coming. It contains a series of short stories called The Future is Coming that are about to be published by Tobe Hooper, which is what I think of as the future I’ll create for The Future, and it’s so cool that we’ve got to write a series about it. And you write these stories down. You go through the story. Then you come back and they’re all over the place. So, every story is really a story about a story, and so, we’re going to be like four or five little stories with no one telling them, but the story that we want to have is a good one, that will be the story of the year for you, just because we wanted to get to know that story better. (Laughter.) So, I want to give you an idea about how I think the story could come to be called The Future is Coming. The First Day of the Year and the First Time a Man’s Story For more information, go to our video A Modern Life “The First Day of the Year and the First Time…

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