Business Idea - 518

Business Idea – 518

Business Idea – 518

My business idea is “The Rundown”. I’ll be taking you into the “Miner King” competition and putting you through a series of steps on three different planets (Celestial, Sun and Earth) and then I’ll have you on a mission into the Underworld to prove your worth before you even get to the Underworld. The first step in the show is really fun to watch. You’ve got to be the smartest (or the most powerful) and the most talented. The game changes you by adding a bunch of new things based on what you have unlocked. So take a look at this video to see how I’m doing I mean, I know I’ve got to have more experience than that but, I gotta figure it out myself. Also, there’s no one to watch like I’m talking to everyone I’ve ever met. You’ve got to be smart enough to get to the Underworld and learn the ways to the Underworld.

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