Business Idea - 517

Business Idea – 517

Business Idea – 517

My business idea is “Virgil’s Quarters.” It is a 3 person group that is located in the North Side of Chicago, but has a number of interesting things going for it. I will be posting updates as they are announced. The first story is where I plan my strategy for the event. On Monday, December 01, 2018 I’m going to talk about the event and my plans for the event. I will also share some info about what the event will entail before I head off to San Francisco for the first few days of the New Year’s Eve Weekend. If you are a fan of the San Francisco scene, I would definitely welcome your information and interest in this event. We are going to start my first post at the beginning of January, where I will continue to work on making this event a positive change for San Francisco. I am making sure my team and I do not start out in an entirely negative situation.

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