Business Idea - 513

Business Idea – 513

Business Idea – 513

My business idea is for a retail store named “Mole House.” The first thing I did was look at one of my favorite grocery stores (who also happens to be my home), but it turned out my design was a bit too fancy, and not the sort of thing I wanted to print for a place that has a whole slew of shelves full of clothes, and that’s why I had to start from scratch. But the next step was to design the store. “I wanted to see the idea come to life because there was a strong desire to be able to do something like that,” he says. We took some time to design a layout for it. We used some of the pieces of furniture that come with a home, like a chair, that were just like the floor and floor, and we had a good idea of the space needed. When you think about it from a design perspective, we’ve always done things like the store has a large window on the front which can open up if needed. But I felt like I had to go on the side with more space and have it just look out. We wanted the building to be a little bigger…

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