Business Idea - 504

Business Idea – 504

Business Idea – 504

My business idea is for a retail store named “The Best Places To Live For The First Time,” and what I think it will mean for people to live downtown for the first time. I’ve been doing a lot of research on this and I’ve been hearing good things about the downtown core. What I’d love to do is to say that this is kind of just “in the heart of downtown” and make it downtown where people can get to where they want to go and not be stuck in the past. For my new store, I’d like to do this. If there’s a specific area in this city where the people have different needs, there’s going to be people in there. It’s going to be downtown. The store, I think, will cater to all needs in this tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny city, which is a good place, a good place to live downtown. I want it to be really inclusive of all people they’re just not good enough because the people that live in areas like that are going to be so different from the people who live in areas like that. That’s going to be part of this.

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