Business Idea - 501

Business Idea – 501

Business Idea – 501

My business idea is the ‘Money-Making New Business’ because this is what I do. My family and I work for one of the most successful private financial services companies in the world. We work with our clients to create the wealth that we need to stay competitive. We are not simply selling our services to the world that we know the world is watching on TV. Our clients come to us with questions like ‘what does this money mean to you?’ or ‘what do you mean by it?’ We are there to keep the clients engaged, we know they want our services but they are not in a position to decide what this money means for the world, for us at the very least. At the end of every week we have a meeting or a meal and if we can get the client to see and hear us, the client will love us. This is our second time to work with you. My first year in business we had a few clients who wanted to know what they would give up to get that kind of money. What they would say is what would they do with the money. We never heard the words ‘it’…

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