Business Idea - 490

Business Idea – 490

Business Idea – 490

BR>My business idea is “The Munchkin” aka the Magic Stick. First, I want you to create a magical Munchkin with your friends, family and pets in it. This is what I’m building! Okay, first up, I want you to create a special “Magic Stick”. There are many ways to create the “Vintage” version of this magic stick, but here’s my favorite. This magical stick is made from some magical ingredient called ‘Amber’. This really adds a lot of warmth in your body. It’s not only useful in cooling, it can also be used to make magic potions. The next step to make is to place the stick in a freezer. We’ll use this for this first step. As soon as my munchkin has cooled to room temperature, I will take that stick out from the bag and start making potions, making potions with your friends, and putting them in your freezer. Next, I need to make some special ingredients. I want to create a little bit of frost to help soften the stick. I also want the magic stick…

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