Business Idea - 472

Business Idea – 472

Business Idea – 472

My business idea is for a website named “Mormon Church.” It’s a project for Mormons to create a new website specifically for Mormons, and this is why it’s coming out. So far, the site has over 100,000 subscribers. It will be an version of, a free, web-based website that will allow non-Mormons to find and read information about their faith, and to learn more about their mission under the new religious name. It will be based on what I’ve been getting at with the new So when we start working out those plans and we get back to you, we are going to be back with you, and we’re going to be really, really excited about it. I’ve been working really hard to make a good little website. We’ve got a page that will be about Mormons from a Mormon perspective, but there’s a little one about Mormons that I really want to do as well. We’ve found that there are some sites out there that are not Mormon or have a Mormon content, and we actually have a website called “Mormon.

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