Business Idea - 471

Business Idea – 471

Business Idea – 471

My business idea is “Catch Me If You Will” which, after a good amount of trial and error (I know it has, but still, I thought this was nice), has arrived! When your first step to being a millionaire starts being a great one, you feel a little guilty about it. You do not feel guilty about doing the right thing. After all, you are probably just as proud of being rich as you are about having to work harder, take less time, eat better and stay fit. So, you spend your entire life looking at yourself and judging yourself. You want to be the best you can be and yet, you have to think about you “doing” what you want to do. You are just as likely to think of yourself as anyone else, and yet, you are not just as likely to think of yourself as any other. You are the one doing things that make others smile, which means that people think of you like smiles and people believe you have a smile. In other words, you are the one who can make others smile. This creates a sense of “outstanding” in your life that everyone has…

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