Business Idea - 462

Business Idea – 462

Business Idea – 462

My business idea is for a retail store named a “Store to Build” in the San Fernando Valley. To make things more exciting, our customers need more ways to enjoy their shopping and the services that we offer to them. This new store will be a new store that will serve as a collection of our newest brands and products to complement all your new stores. All of our new products are made in the USA that we can sell to our customers. If you would like to know more about your local store then you can call us at 813-724-7525 and we will get you a quote on the items that we will ship from your local store or just give you a discount. Our customer base is growing and it will take time for us to deliver the highest quality products to meet our customers needs. Each new store will have a new selection of high quality products and it will be a chance to experience new experiences with our new retail concept. We will also offer a free $29 store tour which we will be offering at the start of each month. If you have any questions feel free to call…

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