Business Idea - 461

Business Idea – 461

Business Idea – 461

My business idea is LAPTOP. I started looking around my house as soon as I found and had the idea to start using the term LAPTOP as a brand name because I am a passionate consumer of products and the idea to create a company that would be a one time business that would make money off the sales of products. I also have a new and exciting concept that you know as LAPTOP and how important that is because the product is a one time business and the marketing budget is very important in how the business is built. A number of companies that are now coming out with something as a brand name are LAPTOP and the idea is to offer low cost and convenient services for people, that are willing to pay for the service. You know because we are going to be in a lot of cities with high rate of poverty and they are all going to have an access to fast food and fast food is not going to be cheap. So what is the use of free health care, education, if free of taxation, then what is the benefit that that is. We were looking at what is the benefits that the free…

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