Business Idea - 459

Business Idea – 459

Business Idea – 459

My business idea is I Know You’re A Millionaire. It’s an idea that I started as a side project, for my son’s school. I was always working hard and doing a lot of work, but as soon as I started making money and making a lot of money I noticed something was wrong with how I approached what I was doing. I was afraid that I was letting my son down, so I decided to go into business and create a completely new business, to bring a whole new level of fun to our school. We’re now in our 20th year, and we’re starting with a very successful school that we just named I Know You’re A Millionaire. Our goal is simply to bring the concept of ‘Get Rich Slowly, Get Rich Often’, the idea that people will be able to get rich from some things rather than others. And when one of the products that’s in the business is a small investment, we want people to come up with a way to invest that money and that’s to do one of these things. And it can be so hard. I’ve been working on this idea together with Bill, and I’ve…

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