Business Idea - 455

Business Idea – 455

Business Idea – 455

My business idea is for a website named “DotNet” or perhaps its more familiar name DotNet is a site for real time analysis of the top cryptocurrency markets, including bitcoin price movements This is where the big names like Ripple, Bitfinex and many other cryptocurrency are located in the world of cryptocurrency. The goal is to provide a very centralized resource for those looking for information regarding the top cryptocurrencies, trading prices, ICOs, ICO-backed token, and more Each site is available to you and you get access to an entirely new world of content for all of your daily crypto needs. Now, to talk about the ICO, the biggest issue is you probably have never been involved with one, so let me say the obvious. The reason? Well, let’s say you have two of the three main exchanges in the world The trading exchange of the price of Ethereum and Ripple. The trading exchange of BTC for the price of Bitcoins (another big crypto asset). A simple, yet incredibly profitable trading system allows you to trade at any price anywhere on the web, by anyone…

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