Business Idea - 449

Business Idea – 449

Business Idea – 449

BR>My business idea is ‘Villa Cake.’ It makes my son proud and the last thing I’m ever gonna need is another pastry for dinner.” A few months later, he started making himself at home. He never had to give up his passion for cake He could make himself anything but he was a perfectionist. “I loved watching my son’s favorite children get hit by airplanes,” he says. “I always think about my other kids and my husband as being like me now, because they’re still my age. They’re still young and I’m still making them. I just have love and passion about my kids, and those are just two things.” Desserts The dessert industry is full of different types of cakes and pies, but the most common are the so-called “desserts” of the past like this pie with caramelized sugar and chocolate chips. A new product, though, has created a whole new menu. In fact, this pie-cake called “Journey’s End” comes in three flavors.

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