Business Idea - 446

Business Idea – 446

Business Idea – 446

My business idea is for an app named “My Get-Rich-Quick.” It’s a fun little app that shows you how much you can spend in real world terms over time. The app uses the concept of a real estate brokerage that helps you choose the right investments. The idea is to make a list of all your income as you go without taking anything from it. Once you make the move and take advantage of some of our amazing perks, you can quickly get your hands on a list of your investment options. How far will they go? For now, here’s what I like to call our “Get-Rich-Quick” app. It’s simple enough to start, and the app makes it easy to use. In addition to its great features, I’m also excited to see more people pick Up Startups to invest in my app. My app is very simple yet powerful, so I’m really happy to see its user base get more excited about the technology.

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