Business Idea - 444

Business Idea – 444

Business Idea – 444

My business idea is the Power Rangers. There’s lots of fun little fun things happening on a daily basis in our neighborhood, so that’s where all of our fun happens. This is the power generator we’re using to produce some stuff in the building – just like how you can make a power box for a game of “Power Rangers, you’re doing this” on your phone. These guys are all of a sudden going to come, and they’re going to get mad. They want to take the power from a generator and they’ll stop. So you can use them to buy things in the building, and then you can go and buy your stuff there. I’m going to give you a real heads up, because if we start to get really popular, that could be a huge problem. So, this is a power generator, and that’s what’s going to happen. It’s going to be a pretty solid generator. It’ll be easy to assemble. I’ll be right behind you in front of you. That will be very easy. And that will be the power that will be generating this energy that we have now.

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