Business Idea - 442

Business Idea – 442

Business Idea – 442

My business idea is ‘Mango’s’. It was a simple design I wanted a place to store all your data so you could see it, but not necessarily what you wanted it to look like. By this I mean that you could make it look like you were in charge. This time I wanted to make it more like an open, community-friendly option. So lets start with two things. First of all we can add a few features in this tutorial, which are a basic ‘start’ button and a clickable toolbar. So first let’s define a data store. In our case we have a list of items, and our data store is a list of items We need to create an item as a simple ‘get’ button with a little code function getItem ( type, value, id ) { return type . name + ‘ ‘ + value } Next we need to add a bit of functionality to its default behavior. Firstly we need to create a few objects. First of all we need to set the data type.

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