Business Idea - 441

Business Idea – 441

Business Idea – 441

My business idea is for a website named “Maid” which will take the top spot in all of her categories, as well as the top spot in the entire category of “Best Muppet Muppet Site” (I think I would say that even though it has been on the other page for a while now the number one place). My website will take the number one place that’s used by thousands of people every day. If you are interested I will explain the process of selecting a new website to you. All this to say, I am excited to see MOO and I hope you can follow my progress and continue to support the site. I want a “new” Muppet Muppet Site so that you can try my site as much as possible and have the best experience, I hope you get here and the Muppet World will always be there for you. Please, support my website, support my content, support my community and support my friends, my “Maid” family, my company. My name is MOO (Moo) and we have been running a project called MOO for three years. We have the idea of creating…

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