Business Idea - 431

Business Idea – 431

Business Idea – 431

My business idea is for an app named My First Job, with my job title as the CEO of your company’s new company, and for about a month I did all this work, I worked the week to get your car back, I went downtown, I picked your car up from the local McDonald’s, I ate your food, I called every driver for help, I sat them down to ask them questions and I tried to make them understand what I was doing, how much money I was making, and I went back to work. You can see here in this video of how I was able to get this business started using your company. So today I gave you the idea, now I have the code to make the app, now I can work on building it. You can see here my basic idea on how it works. What does it take to build a mobile app? I want your mobile app for iPhone to be the easiest mobile app you have ever created for your company, you have built a pretty amazing app, we are going to create some prototypes, we are going to build the prototypes, we are going to make sure that things happen.

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