Business Idea - 427

Business Idea – 427

Business Idea – 427

My business idea is a “reward card.” I am a New York City-born man who is the “best” of the three. I take great pride in being my best. I believe that no matter how good, what the other person says or does, I’m the best of my kind with which to do business. I have been working really hard to help others. My wife and I have given $100,000 to charity and have sent our own friends and family all over this country and the world. As an American, I believe that what makes all Americans strong is our determination to serve our nation. The U.S. Government spends so much of its time and energy on what it determines is a “special place” for special people like us. At the time I was raised, I was a boy scout and was the first to go to the top of the school hierarchy to get a scholarship to play football at the University of Alabama. So I always think about my family and the way I’ve spent the last five years.

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