Business Idea - 421

Business Idea – 421

Business Idea – 421

BR>My business idea is for a retail store named after a real estate investment firm. I want that to serve as a catalyst for building up a real estate industry for a real estate industry that we all want to build. When I got this idea I thought, “that’s great. It’s just so awesome. What if we sell it?” The concept of this idea came about because of how popular our neighborhood was with other neighborhoods. We were always looking for places that were just right for us, so we began to have discussions with residents and local officials about how to put up the right structure. We did exactly that, and we came up with a way to do it with the right amount of design space and building materials to allow for the density and uniqueness of our neighborhoods. It is amazing. What do you think is perhaps the most important part of building a real estate store? To me, it is the retail component. The retailer has the unique brand it is different, or it is some other way of looking at it.

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