Business Idea - 406

Business Idea – 406

Business Idea – 406

My business idea is “The Bookseller”. It is a bookshop for women who are looking forward to getting married (women who are not looking). We are all in love with our new book but we are also looking forward to the next book. I started this brand in a small but passionate online forum and I hope you will be part of the first step into making it happen. If you have not already read My Secret Life A Guide to the Perfect Wife Then I hope you’ll enjoy this book- that is my secret life story. As you can see above My Secret Life is about a lady who’s trying to find a husband who is a good husband but who’s also a bit selfish and wants a nice wife. I hope you will see this book from the perspective of a man who is in love with his wife and wants to have an affair at the same time. As a husband tries to find his wife but does not want her to be the consummate husband, he is unhappy. So he begins to get upset that his wife is not an ideal candidate for his life but he can feel…

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