Business Idea - 386

Business Idea – 386

Business Idea – 386

My business idea is for an app named The Great Gatsby. I thought it would be fun to build a game around it and to find out what the best people were thinking before I started. It has a unique gameplay mechanic which lets you get up close and personal with your target at will with only a couple of moves per turn. With the game, you will be able to spend some time in that city with a few unique NPCs and NPCs in your party. You will see things on the map and your actions are monitored with various cameras, which can be used to track a player. As you’re in the city you are given a map of different areas, which can be a pretty interesting look and the experience will definitely be huge. As there are quite a few NPCs within the city who play a big part in making the game, you will also be able to change the direction of your character to help you make the best use of your abilities as well as take on challenges that you might not have thought of before.

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