Business Idea - 357

Business Idea – 357

Business Idea – 357

My business idea is for a retail store named “The Man &amp The Planet” that will be open in a few months. This new “Man &amp The Planet” will be a world-class art studio and it will have some great new artists that are making their way over there so you might want to check out their projects. This year, you might also want to consider hiring somebody to do some of their work on the show. So I am going to give you this chance to meet these amazing people. This will be a huge meeting, I want your help to go above and beyond what is necessary. If you are from the UK or where to go, it is all very welcome. I would love to meet with you once again, so come and see me in person or be our guest. If there is one thing that will please you, it is the idea that you might be able to purchase tickets to my show in your area. I want you to come see all these awesome artists get together every month and be proud of them so that they will be able to show you something new. I am so excited to bring people back and hopefully this will make an impact next…

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