Business Idea - 355

Business Idea – 355

Business Idea – 355

My business idea is “The World Is Yours” where you share all the news of your life, your friends, neighbors, and all the stuff that you are like. All of it is based on you and your best friend who is trying to get by by living like a pro. The whole world is her friend. She gets rich quick thinking that it’s all part of society and is always trying to get better. You have such amazing friends but nobody else seems to. You are one of those people that just goes out and shows you how much it means to be awesome. It’s like your dad or your mom. They are always telling you how lucky you are that you got into high school, how you get on the road doing good, and how you are the best person in the world to ever be here. You just know that it’s not as special as you think it is from day one and you are the one with the big plans. And when you get on that road, that’s where you are now. You are now on the roads as you drive, on your vacation, your business, and you’re…

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