Business Idea - 351

Business Idea – 351

Business Idea – 351

My business idea is “Serenity”, a startup that aims to provide a way to make the Internet possible for women in the developing world. I have been involved in several businesses in the Indian sector, so my main focus is to do all necessary research to ensure that women have access to information that they may not otherwise find on an average male’s website. To date. I’ve done just that, including doing research for my company for over 5 years, doing my most valuable and well known research to date. My main idea is this – To create a site that would promote women’s health awareness in India, which has been done successfully in some parts of the world. – To offer women information that they may not find on an average male’s website, without making such data expensive or even impossible for them to understand or understand. – To create websites that could offer women access to information not found on average male’s websites. – To create websites that are easy to find and accessible to the general public. The goal of I “Serenity”. It is simple, right?

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