Business Idea - 350

Business Idea – 350

Business Idea – 350

My business idea is ‘Money For The Rich’ which is something I would love if my kids could work for us in a field where we all eat, sleep, and we have a lot of money. You see, I’m not a very good writer. I write about the food industry (not that I can, as you may be aware, have worked for and written about it). I actually wrote and directed an episode of ‘American Horror Story’ which is a good one (I’m writing it and I’m going to be doing a little bit more about that.) In fact, I did a bit of talking with a couple of my friends about it over the past couple of years. One friend, he’s a director, and we’d known each other to be writers for a long time. He was at the Hollywood festival for ‘American Horror Story’ this summer which is great because it was so much fun. The other thing is, we’ve been very lucky we just had one of the best years of writing about money for the industry I’ve ever worked for.

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