Business Idea - 345

Business Idea – 345

Business Idea – 345

My business idea is “Yamato Shiba,” to promote the latest Yumi Yumi. We’re building a new Yumi Yumi with this crazy idea of using the Yumiko Shiba and the cute little red hair in it. It is a game where you play as one of dozens of Japanese female characters with the Yumi Yumi. Each character has their own special abilities and personality. Your character will be able to move, play games, create special dolls, change environments, play a lot of other characters, etc., and be just like you. The game will be released later this year. Now, I’m just going to call this “Yumi Yumi.” It’s not an official name, but I am going to call that the Yumi Yumi. I have a lot of ideas to develop this game, but it’s so very much an idea. This is a game about girls who dream big dreams, and we hope for every Japanese girl to have such dreams. How was Yumi Yumi released? First of all, I want to say that we had no idea at the time…

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