Business Idea - 341

Business Idea – 341

Business Idea – 341

My business idea is, a 3D world that uses the amazing 3D printing technology developed by 3D printing company Hobby Lobby. This 3D world is based off of two popular video games from around the time that 3D printing began and it uses 3D printing to create 3D printable art. I created 3d models of the 3D printing environments, modeled them, and then put them into my own 3D printer. If you ask any 3D printing enthusiast just to name the 3D models you will get this very simple answer they are not 3D models, they are actual 3D printed objects for you to design. All 3D printers are based on 3D technology. This allows you a number of benefits that make 3D printing a very fun and cool hobby for most 3D printing enthusiast. The first is that you can create your own model of your new 3D printing world that you can then use it as part of your business plan. The second is that you can design your own models that could be used as the inspiration to help make your future 3D industry grow and you can also sell your existing 3D models in…

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