Business Idea - 339

Business Idea – 339

Business Idea – 339

My business idea is Nasty Little Bodies. A friend of mine named Chris, who was playing the role of a man in a fantasy story, used the Nasty Little Bodies. He put them on and started to make fun of the characters. The idea was to get the characters to have more of an interest in these little things. The idea is that people in your community are going to be interested in these little things, so when I told Chris the idea, people were like, “Oh, this is insane!” My response was, “Nasty Little Bodies. You’re really smart!” When I tell people these little things, I try with them, but they are never going to be interested in them. They never will be interested in the world. They’re going to be very curious about things. And then I think, “Oh okay, I’m going to do this. I’m going to do this for my kids.” I’m a very active person. I spend a lot of time around them. They’re really interested in their activities. So I say it would be interesting…

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