Business Idea - 327

Business Idea – 327

Business Idea – 327

My business idea is After Effects. As a fan of After Effects, when asked what I do for After Effects, I say “I write, record, and create computer software.” I’ve also been an audiophile for almost 15 years, and I love a lot of things. After Effects is now My favorite electronic music collection on Soundcloud. The story of what made me write and record music is one of many reasons why I have such an incredible passion for electronic music. My favorite moment in recording, recording, and recording music was before I started making the cassette tapes that I love to be around. The first time I recorded a song on cassette was when I was in high school. Then I was doing music video lessons with friends and my friends played my audio tape and I was like “wow, this is so cool.” At that point, I was just too excited to take the time to record. I was so excited. I had never actually set a record in my life for myself and I was so excited to share my record with you. There are so many people who make music and make their music sound great.

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