Business Idea - 317

Business Idea – 317

Business Idea – 317

My business idea is Get Rich Quick . How it works Imagine a restaurant I’m doing business with, but it will be run at a local food truck. I want to keep the name of The Big Fish, but I’ll charge more for getting it in front of my customers than the usual food truck, usually around $100 to $150. I’ve never run a restaurant like This American Life, and I’m not even sure who makes it, but I’d bet they’ll be a lot better off if they could just come up with what I called “The Big Fish for the price of a burger”. (I’m betting the whole idea would be very simple if you were to do it yourself). To test my idea, I just took about a dollar for every serving. So I added up all the prices I had before the purchase. For my first five pounds, I bought 3 burgers. These cost 3 cents each. I found a few restaurants just to be sure and also I could test what a burger looks like. I ordered 4 burgers in all.

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