Business Idea - 307

Business Idea – 307

Business Idea – 307

My business idea is Flocky. What it is, how it is used and what comes from it. We’ll start with the first thing to get you started. If you’re interested in using Flocky for your business need, I recommend following my blog for a bit on how to install Flocky and how to setup your application. But before diving into that, let me tell you about Flocky for a different topic and a few technical details about it. Flocky provides basic user interaction and is a great way to interact with our customers from almost any angle. Now that I have outlined how to provide User Interaction, what will the Flocky user experience look like? Before I start with the basics, let me explain how to set up the application so that you can start using Flocky. Flocky is a framework for interacting with your customers and is an excellent way to interact with them.

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