Business Idea - 300

Business Idea – 300

Business Idea – 300

My business idea is ‘Sticka’. It allows you to buy stuff like The Sticky Paws $500 A new and better kitchen appliance The Sticky Sticky Paws I have the ability to make them for $500 each (without any shipping) in less than 2 days. Once you get started on your shop or business venture, you can create a few simple stickers or paper clips to place on your walls and on the walls of your home and garden. Then, once you have made your first sticker or paper clip, you can start making a little gift for those around you. If you would like to give back and use your Sticky Sticky Paws, then please send me a photo of your new products or your Sticky Sticky Wipes by our friendly business partner who offers to give a small gift for every new sticker or paper clip. If you would like to make more stickers or paper clips please contact me at (0943) 509-9995 (0840) 944-4922 (0943)…

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