Business Idea - 297

Business Idea – 297

Business Idea – 297

BR>My business idea is for an app named M.M.R.I.S.E., where you can build real life relationships with your friends or family members. It’s the best way to get ahead in a fast paced, socially connected world. A friend or family member gets paid in return for giving you free updates and support. And you get to start building real friendships when they join you in the company. I’ve been using the M.M.R.I.S.E. app all my life, and in my first few months of using it, it felt as if my life had turned into a mini-movie. I’m so happy I’m using M.M.R.I.S.E.! Thanks for using it! It’s really important to me that this app helps me meet my goals. Your app helps me get there! The best part is that it also saves your profile’s information so you can easily get updates on how you’re feeling. What are your plans for M.M.R.I.S.E.? What are your expectations for M.M.R.I.

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