Business Idea - 278

Business Idea – 278

Business Idea – 278

My business idea is “Majestic.” I’m going to buy 100,000 pounds of marijuana. I’m going to sell 100,000 pounds of marijuana. There are a lot of people who want to do that in a matter of weeks and weeks. And that’s what I’m using to buy marijuana. It takes a lot of capital to get it in business.” It’s not the marijuana that’s getting legalized. It’s what the politicians who run the marijuana industry are buying. So, what is it that is generating the appetite for legalization? “There’s just a number one thing,” he says. “We’re going to have to put in some extra money for our medical cannabis bill to cover some of the expenses. We’re going to have to put in some additional revenue, if we are going to have a health care bill, it’s going to have to cover the costs so that our patients can afford for whatever medical condition they have, not just for marijuana. So you’re going to need more resources to do that. So the idea is just to allow the people to grow it. Some of us are not going to grow the marijuana…

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