Business Idea - 277

Business Idea – 277

Business Idea – 277

My business idea is for an app named H2. What I built with this project has inspired other projects and I love every minute of it. The idea of the app comes from my trip to Amsterdam recently, where I was inspired to write my first script for the app. I needed to get the game to work correctly and then I would have to think hard about how to get the right balance between gameplay and features which, I am not too sure at the moment, I am quite familiar with. How did you build the app? From the beginning, I wanted a game with an open, free-to-play nature! I started with simple controls which seemed intuitive and easy. After using other developers to make it, it took me a long time to come up with the right design and layout, but after looking at the feedback from other developers, it made me think a lot more about how we want the user experience to work and how to do that. That feeling of being able to use my own mind in a game completely changed everything! What made you want to create this app? The game mechanics and the game’s…

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