Business Idea - 274

Business Idea – 274

Business Idea – 274

My business idea is for an app named ‘Stash’, which is a quick way to store money in a single store with high-quality data. The app will not only track who we bought from and what our purchases are, it will also track which items were bought through our shop, and the value of your purchases in that store. We will only look at shopping for specific items and not necessarily what we bought from. We are going to use that information to track our buying habits and the way we spent our money, and we’re going to collect and store all of that information so you can understand how people like you. You can see what I’m going to show you in the following screenshot. We will do an overview of the data, and look at each item in real time how it’s currently being used, and how we could get it back. In this case, we will be getting the information about what our purchases were and the value of our purchases. We do this by taking what we bought from our shop and putting that into the app. You will probably notice that the app has no API that can access the store data, which…

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