Business Idea - 268

Business Idea – 268

Business Idea – 268

My business idea is “Marijuana.” It’s a very simple concept. I wanted to add marijuana to the market so that we can see marijuana and people get high and we can show our business how to provide them with an alternative to cannabis, just in this unique way. The idea is to bring back medical marijuana to our county, and bring back recreational pot, that is what we will be selling to people. That’s what we are doing right now, for a while. Our business will be selling the same products to people of all ages, from people who were not exposed to pot, to those who have seen a doctor and are in a clinical situation for their medical marijuana. I want to start out with a few things, first, I want people to know that I care about how marijuana works and my goal is to bring back medical cannabis, and not just to get people in Colorado, Colorado, who had one of our most restrictive, medical marijuana laws, or where they were not on the drugs.

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